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Equipment Rental Solutions

Fonte Surgical Supply has many products available to help keep you on the move. We will work with you to find the size that is just right for your needs. We offer short and long term equipment rentals. From Wheelchairs to Ramps, we got you covered for the week or month. We also offer knee walkers, scooters, and semi-electric hospital beds. Call us at (585) 338-1000 and rent today!

Transport Wheelchair (left) and Standard Wheelchair (right)

What is a Transport Wheelchair?

Transport chairs are designed to be a lightweight, portable alternative to a regular wheelchair. These chairs are also called “companion” chairs, for a person who needs assistant and who is unable to self propel. These wheelchairs are convenient add lightweight, which allows a caregiver to easily transport a loved one and makes it easy to lift the wheelchair into a car.

ALL of are rental equipment is available for purchase.

If you think your going to use it more, ask about a purchase option. We also have a large selection of used equipment in stock. Ask one of our salespeople for more information.

Equipment for Rent Weight Capacity Weekly Rate Monthly Rate Deposit Accessory Purchase
Transport Wheelchair (4 small wheels) 250lbs. 50.00 100.00 100.00  
Standard Wheelchair (weights over 35lbs) 250lbs. 55.00 110.00 110.00  
Standard Wheelchair w/ Elev. Leg rests 250lbs. 70.00 140.00 140.00  
Lightweight Wheelchair (under 35 lbs) 250lbs. 70.00 140.00 140.00  
Lightweight Wheelchair w/ ELR 250lbs. 80.00 160.00 160.00  
Standard Knee Walker 250lbs. 45.00 90.00 90.00  
Knee Walker (terrain wheels) 250lbs. 55.00 110.00 110.00  
3 Wheel Scooter\4 Wheel Scooter 250lbs. 120.00 240.00 240.00  
Manual Patient Lift 450lbs. N/A 185.00 185.00 Slings: start at 175.00
Semi-Electric Hosp Bed w\out Mattress 400lbs. N/A 185.00 185.00 Mattresses: start at 175.00
Portable ramp 7’ 600lbs. 45.00 90.00   90.00  
Portable ramp 8’ 600lbs. 50.00 100.00 100.00  
Portable ramp 10’ 600lbs. 55.00 110.00 110.00