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Accessibility Solutions: Bathroom Safety

If you have limited mobility and accessibility, your bathroom is likely a room with unique challenges and safety concerns. From grab bars and shower chairs to bath benches and walk-in tubs, Fonte Surgical Supply has solutions that can help you overcome these challenges and make your bathroom a safe place.

Grab Bars – installed to assist you into a shower or tub, for additional stability within a shower or tub, to aid with the use of a toilet, or to help you wherever accessibility or stability is an obstacle or challenge.

Shower Chairs – strong and corrosion proof, shower chairs and shower stools come in a variety of sizes and models; they can be used within a shower so you can take a shower while in a seated position.

Transfer Benches – designed to assist you with entering a tub or shower. They allow you to sit down outside of the tub or shower so that you can safely transfer in to position to bath.

Hand Held Shower – a great solution while using a shower chair or bench so that you may have full control of the water flow.

Walk-in Tubs – specially designed tubs that have a door on the side that swings open and allows you easy access and safety with a built-in seat for your comfort.

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