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Introducing the Drive Medical Scout 3-Wheel Transportable Scooter
19 March 2019

Introducing the Drive Medical Scout 3-Wheel Transportable Scooter

The Drive Scout Transportable Scooter is a great, lightweight mobility solution for people who like to be on the go. As its name implies, this scooter is easy to disassemble and reassemble, making it ideal for transport (check out our Disassembly/Reassembly video for instructions – no tools required!) Once the scooter is disassembled, it will easily fit into your truck, van or even the trunk of most cars.

The Drive Scout mobility scooter features solid, maintenance-free tires (you’ll never get a flat), anti-tip wheels in the back for safety, and a rear reflector for better visibility. The Scout also has an ergonomic throttle control, forward and reverse gears, and an ergonomic delta-style tiller that makes it easier for those with limited strength or dexterity to operate the scooter, and which you can adjust to your own preferred, ideal driving position.

The 3-wheel version of the Scout has a tight turning radius, which makes it more nimble for negotiating obstacles (particularly useful when using this mobility scooter indoors). The fully adjustable swivel seat and armrests are durable and generously padded, so you can remain comfortable on the scooter for longer periods of time. And there’s a large, convenient and removable front basket with a carry handle you can use for shopping and/or storage of basic items.

The Drive Scout Transportable Scooter comes with two sets of easy-to-change color-through panels (in red and blue) to hide scruffs and scratches, and a quick connect battery pack that is simple to remove for easy charging. You can also use the convenient free-wheel release knob if you need to roll the scooter a short distance without power (such as into a corner of the garage for storage).

We have the Drive Scout Transportable Scooter in stock at both our Irondequoit and Brighton showrooms; come in today and let us introduce you to this comfortable, convenient, and transportable mobility scooter from Drive Medical.

Maximum weight capacity: 300 lbs.

Total weight: 85 lbs. fully assembled

Top speed: 4.25 mph

Maximum cruising range: 9 miles on a single battery charge

*Specifications provided by the manufacturer