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Accessibility Ramp Installations from Fonte Surgical Solutions
25 February 2019

Accessibility Ramp Installations from Fonte Surgical Solutions

An older, wooden walkway can look attractive, but it does pose problems for wheelchairs and mobility scooters. In addition to the challenge the end of many wooden walkways can create for a smooth entrance for the wheels of a wheelchair or scooter (getting over the lip created by the first plank of wood), they also don't hold up to the elements as well as aluminum modular ramps.

Fonte Surgical Solutions does many of these ramp installations every year, during any season. Our solution experts can help you determine the appropriate incline and layout for a new or replacement ramp, and complete the majority of installations in a single day.

Call our Irondequoit store at (585) 338.1000, or our Brighton store at (585) 244.4747 to learn how we can help you add a new ramp to your home.