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How To Use Prescription Compression Wear
11 June 2018

How To Use Prescription Compression Wear

Compression Wear can be prescribed for a variety of reasons. However, it won't do you any good if you don't use it appropriately. Here are a few general guidelines you should follow for wearing compression garments.

  • Wear your compression garment all day, every day. The compression wear helps no one in a drawer.┬áThe only time your stockings /socks / sleeve should be off is in bed, the shower or the pool. For many people, showering in the morning and putting on compression wear immediately is the best plan.
  • Hand or machine wash your compression wear and let it lie flat to dry. Special detergent is available that will help preserve the elasticity of the product but isn't necessary.
  • You will need new compression wear every 6 months - or sooner. Mark your calendar so you remember to replace your compression wear.
  • If you have trouble wearing your stockings, call the doctor.
  • Don't assume you should stop wearing your stockings if you are hospitalized. Ask your doctor.
  • Always wear your stockings to doctor visits so he/she can check for swelling to see if the compression is working properly for you.

And finally, your doctor may have adjustments to these guidelines, or additional requirements for your particular situation. So it's always best to ask questions and follow your doctor's specific directions for using your compression wear.